Is IUVIA for me?

If you want a cloud platform

that respects your privacy and is secure and convenient...

We designed IUVIA for you.


Tasks, appointments, invites.

Shared or private.

Email service

On your device.

No advertising, no tracking.


Organize your contacts privately.

Because they too deserve privacy.


Add disks to increase capacity.

Collaborative editing

Shared documents and comments.

Real-time editing with privacy.

Encrypted App Store

Because nobody needs to know what apps you install.

Imagine you knew where your data is, and

who has access to it without prying eyes.

Main values

IUVIA R1 is more than just a powerful device to have in your home or office. It is a platform that will allow you to regain your privacy and to work with your team in a safe, convenient and secure environment.

Safe and secure

All your information is encrypted.

You will be able to access it from anywhere using a VPN connection.

Several users, same device

Each device works for many people.

You can have multiple accounts without paying for each one.

Reduced Obsolescence

Engineered with high-quality materials and room for expansion.

As a result, your IUVIA R1 Device will last for years.

Open Source

No need to believe in just our word.

Anyone can audit our core technology.

Introducing IUVIA R1

Without microphones or cameras, IUVIA R1 does not watch, listen or track you.

It just makes what is supposed to: empower you to have documents, share them with those you trust, collaborate, run your own email service and keep secure what you value.

What does it contain?

Pre-order IUVIA

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From 599€

Offer includes

  • 1x IUVIA R1 Limited Founders-Edition Device
  • 1x year access to IUVIA Subscription Services
  • Unlimited Software Updates
  • Future access to the IUVIA Cloud App Store

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